Rohit Jain

Mountain View, California

+1 765 337 8090


The Golden Bird Capital Management

(Feb 2024 - present)

We are an investment management company that focuses on long term investments in the publicly traded equities in India. We have a long history of investing in the Indian market. We firmly believe that the stock price will reflect the instrinsic value of the business in the long term. We look for companies that have exceptional economics, significant growth opportunities, and have a strong corporate governance.


(April 2015 - present)

Google Local Services

An ads automation product geared towards SMB businesses. Joined the product in 2022 when it was still a $0.5B product. Built various ML and LLM platforms to scale the product across different countries and vertical/industries. The product has grown 3x since then.

Dynamic Search Ads

An ads product that uses AI to automate Search Ads. Helped grow the product from < 1B dollars to a $XXB dollar product. Built various ML/AI based solutions to understand the advertiser inventory and find relevant user queries to surface their ads.


Doctor of Philosophy

Computer Science, Purdue University

Built technologies to ensure trustworthiness of services hosted in an untrusted environment. For example, ensuring trustworthiness of a transaction execution on databases hosted on the cloud.

Master of Science

Computer Science, Purdue University


Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur